Friday, February 18, 2011

'Nuff Said No. 2

The time to get your form of payment out is not when the cashier has completed ringing up your purchases.  The time to get it out is at the beginning of the transaction.  Come on!  This is not your first rodeo!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chapter One: Your Purse Does Not Need Its Own Seat

If you've been in an airport in your lifetime, you know that there are always ten times more people waiting at the gate area than there are actual seats.  I took this picture recently because it illustrates the point I want to make:  Your purse does NOT need its own seat.  Neither does your luggage or your soft drink for that matter.  Look at the nice gentleman in the foreground.  He has placed his coffee on the ground.  And I dare say there's a better argument for coffee needing its own chair than those other items!

Interesting ...

I think about people taking up precious seating space with inanimate objects a lot and I think about it on several different levels.  First, there's the obvious.  Why would anybody think it's OK to let scores of people stand around -- juggling babies, food, reading material, travel documents, etc. -- while their possession is comfortable in a chair of its own?  Second, nothing says "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" more than this.  No, the person is not actually shouting this but their actions are!  And this brings me to my third thought.  Why are we so averse to people being near us physically in an age when we bare our souls emotionally to people every day (for instance, this blog!)?

Funny ...

And I find it funny on a couple of levels too.  Invariably, people who allow their "things" to have their own seat refuse to make eye contact with you.  What do we all do when we feel guilty? We avert eye contact!!  You know who you are!!  And the most hilarious thing of all is that as soon as we get seated on the airplane, there will be people REALLY close to us.  Why not prep for the real deal?

But mostly just plain ...


Soooooo .....

Next time you are in a situation like this (it doesn't have to be an airport), think more highly of others and a little less of your things.